The Motion Collage titled «Extintos» is a homage to the Venezuela of the decade of the 80’s and 90’s, in other words, to the communism-free Venezuela. The Motion Collage depicts not just Venezuelan miscellaneous and antique graphic material but the diversity of the Venezuelans per se. The animation also displays photographs by VOGUE-featured Venezuelan artists Gabriel Gómez and Rosa Da Silva. The idea of the Motion Graphic was not just to showcase the potential of the Venezuelan creativity to the Internauts, but to enlighten those Venezuelan-based and international individuals seeking to have a glance at the once so-called «Saudi Venezuela». Due to the current sanctions from the US government against the Venezuelan dictatorship, many companies such as Adobe Inc. decided to stop offering services to Venezuelans. This means, that Venezuelan artists and designers based in the country are not allowed to use the tools and services from the Creative Suite anymore. Now more than ever, we the rational creatives and professionals, have to raise the voice for those Venezuelans working in creative fields in spite of the social and economic crisis of the country, by supporting i.e. Projects as «Extintos», which was fully made by Venezuelan artists and designers.

Animation: Andrés Acosta Blaschitz

Photography: Gabriel Gómez and Rosa Da Silva

Poem: María Fernanda Bravo

Sound Design: Diego Landaeta

Models: Richard Henríquez, Keythborish Cabello and Guillermo Aguilar

Voice Over: Mariana Bello